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v1993--  Risun was established 
v1993--  Produce and sale notebook of HP, EPSON in South of  China
v2000--  Sep up factory in Conghua, Guangzhou, China
v2001--- Risun brand monitor was launched.
v2002--  Expanded to ADSL broadband Router
v2007--  Strategic cooperate with Proview(EMC)
v2007--  Set up first LCM  factory in  Dongguan, China
v2009--  Take over the R&D /QA and Marketing platform from Proview
v2009--  Expanding monitor and TV business
v2010--   Listed in Chinese Government’s Consumer Eeletronics Subsidy Program
v2010--   Strategic alliance with Haier
v2010--   Set up branch and service in Europe and USA
v2011--   Set up Dongguan Risun and second LCM factory in  Dongguan, China
v2011--  Dongguan Risun got ISO9001, ISO14001 certification
v2012 -- Passed SA8000 – social accountability audit, conducted by SGS

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